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Friday, May 7, 2010

Dog Day

So the dogs needed their shots updated and there is a place that is 45 minutes from here that does the vaccines for cheap. They don’t require the examine fee of $35 per animal so it’s worth the drive. I was taking my big dog and Chihuahua and Nan’s Chihuahua.

Let’s just say that Daisy the dog gets a bit absolutely terrified as soon as we pull up to a vet office. They all look the same and so she knows where she is as soon as the van stops. She is 60 pounds of pure muscle and now all 60 pounds are in a “I’m gonna die” panic. Which leads to the two Chihuahuas firing up the vocals and wrapping their leashes around my legs. It took us 10 minutes to get into the building.

Daisy has a muzzle as a safety precaution because in the throws of being panicked she may make a wrong judgment call and bite someone. It only last for about 2 minutes and then she has it off so I have to plan this strategically when needed and only at the right moment.

Meanwhile we are being glared at from all angles because we have a “bad dog”. When I say we please don’t think that I had any real help with me, what I had was a 4 year old playing a leapster and refusing to do anything that he was told to do. He saw that Mom was completely incapacitated and apparently decided to strike while the iron was hot and take advantage of the situation.

Someone came and put us in a room to get us away from everyone else. So it’s me, a 4-year-old boy, 2 Chihuahuas and a 60-pound dog that thinks the world is coming to an end all in a 5 by 6 room. At this point I knew how incredibly stupid I was for going on this adventure but it was a 45 minute drive one way and there was no way I was giving up now.

And cue Attila the huntress and Olive Oil her assistant with vaccinations and bad attitudes in hand. Commence more glaring and then the nasty comment, “You need to be able to control them!” Honestly I thought I was controlling them, no one had been bitten so what else was she looking for? I am not Caesar Millan and I did not advertise that I was. I am simply the lady looking to get some stinkin vaccines for these crazed animals for cheap.

So I ask Attila, “Okay, what do you want me to do then?” She said, “Well put one of the little ones on the table. Do they bite?” I said no because Jasmine is almost 6 and she has never bitten anyone. Apparently Jasmine opened her mouth to breath and Attila labeled her a biter and went looking for a muzzle for Jasmine the Chihuahua in her door o muzzles. The tiniest one was too big for Jasmine the killer Chihuahua so she came up with some cone thingy that completely covered Jazzy’s eyes and mouth. It was a bit over the top. Poor Chico received the same treatment and after observing this Daisy the Dog was sure her assumption that the world was ending/the sky is falling was absolutely correct. I put her muzzle back on and the 2-minute clock started. 1 2 3 shots and then Attila told me to take the posse out to the lobby again. The 4 year old decided he didn’t want to follow. I wasn’t in a position to argue so I figured I would send his father for him later. Thankfully he decided to join me and it wasn’t an issue.

Amanda the Good Witch helped me at the front desk. She took me and the posse behind the counter where we were less of a disturbance. I paid and we were on our way and taking all 3 dogs at the same time to the vet is officially in the top 5 on my list of “don’t ever do this again.”

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