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Saturday, May 1, 2010

The Stomach Ache

Yesterday when Miss came home from school she took notice that Dad and Big Sis were not home. She did not say anything but I smelled the burning rubber from her wheels turning. The next thing was she went into the “My stomach hurts!” drama. This is something she does when she feels upset but doesn’t really have the words or strength to verbalize the problem. I always go at it from a caution angle because I don’t want to assume the child has an emotional issue-stomach ache and in reality she dug something out of the trash at school, ate it, and now has typhoid Mary.

After the fact we do get down to the heart of what was causing her fake-o stomach ache and try to think it through and learn from it but in the heat of the moment we must first deal with what is at hand.

Her timing wasn’t great for her but was perfect for me. I had ordered pizza for dinner and it was arriving at the same time that her fake-o tummy pain started. Bummer. I first recommended she sit on the potty, old stand by you know. We had progress there but alas no relief from the fake-o tummy pain.

She said, “Do I have to take a bath?” Frankly it was Friday and I didn’t care if she took a bath or not so I said, “Do you want to take a bath?” To which her circuits got crossed up and confused and so she said, “Huh, okay.” I put her in the bath we did a quick job and she came out of the bath in worse shape than ever with this fake-o tummy pain.

Not to worry I have the cure sweetie, Mommy already has rice and applesauce all ready for you because the pizza will make you throw up if your tummy is hurting this bad. “Noooooooooooooo! I want my pizza!!!” Not a problem I exited stage left while she got her PJ’s on, came back and tucked her into bed at 6:30 and brought her rice and applesauce in bed.

It was pretty darn amazing the speed at which this miraculous recovery took place. Her tummy was 100% a okay in no time flat.

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