The Crew - Miss Fabulous, Lil Bro, Big Sis and Mr. Man

Sunday, May 30, 2010

What is with the blog curse?

Today has been a very bad no good day.  Even the dogs went running for cover in Big Sis' bedroom.  

The fantastically fabulous Miss M raged off and on all day and we have not had one of those days in a while.  She did not assault anyone however.  I have to wonder if paying the pain and suffering fine yesterday was an encouragement, who can know? 

That switch was flipped in her head from the get go this morning.  She just could not rebound and bounce back.  By 7:20 I was ready for Miss Miss to head off to bed.  We brushed teeth and braided hair and read two chapters of Junie B which she really did enjoy and I did too.  Sadly it was the first time all day I had enjoyed her company.  I had to reach down deep inside to get through the attachment challenge today.  I was not looking forward to any of it, but we pressed on.  We didn't hit the mark but we got further today than we would have if I had not had the challenge on my mind.

We got in 4 real hugs. 

She choose candyland as our 20 minutes of fun that she chooses.  She wanted Big Sis to play too and that did not go well.  My mistake.  She just is not able to handle sibling interaction today at all.

We did 20 minutes of reading together with lots of eye contact and animation, Junie B is good for that!  So I am counting that as our bonding time.

The other little loo-loos did awesome today and I am proud of them and thankful for them.  At our religious service Big Sis and Mr. both participated nicely.  Mr. was having a hard time sitting and so he leaned over to me and said, "The waiting is hard, when are we going to go?"  How cute is that?  He did well and never lost it and he felt very proud of himself afterward.

Dad stayed home with Miss M because it was not going to be good if she went.  She did not handle Mom leaving the house with the other kids well at all.  Dad had to peel her off the window in the front of the house, "Mommy don't go, don't go!"  The drama was not pretty and I don't know why our neighbors have never called the police. 

She settled down with Dad and they listened to the program over the phone. 

We are hoping that tomorrow will be a better day!


GB's Mom said...

I'll be praying for a better day for you. At least you tried the challenge. That is an accomplishment
when they are off like that! {{{HUGS}}}

Diana said...

I think it's the day 4 curse! Please, someone...please tell us all this is going to get better!!

All I can say is your neighbors are either more patient and understanding than mine, or they are so wrapped up in their own lives and world that they don't care. "Ah, neighbor's kid is screaming again. Big deal. Some kids scream...and now back to my life."

Essie the Accidental Mommy said...

I wonder if our girls are twins. (just kidding).Genea had the worst, sucky day today. Awful!
I think though, that you can't force things either. Seems like it was better to do your 20 minutes of bonding times with the book in the end.
Good job!

J. said...

hope that today is a better day. Hang in there.