The Crew - Miss Fabulous, Lil Bro, Big Sis and Mr. Man

Monday, May 31, 2010

A C challenge, what day is this?

Today was an improvement over yesterday for sure.  Not easy but the dogs never ran for cover!  Miss M seems to be having some bipolar cycling going on.  Her symptoms are so reduced with her meds that it isn't as easy to pick on the signals anymore but this evening she was playing with Big Sis and doing well and so I missed her evening meds by 30 minutes.  Big Sis came to report that all was going well and then all the sudden Miss M became hyper and smacked her out of no where and then throw something at her out of no where.  We had hit the happy hyper hour without our meds in place.

I had the still happy hyper Miss M come with me, gave her the meds, reminded her that she was having trouble calming down because we were a little late on her meds and further reminded her that it was important to calm down because the other side of the happy hyper is the big angries.  Her face became concerned.  I said, "You don't like the big angies cause they are not fun, right?"  She nodded yes.  I had her draw a picture while I fixed dinner.  She does well at her spot at the table with an activity.  She helped with dinner a little bit and with in 20 minutes her meds took affect. 

Even so she still struggled to get to sleep, her appetite is increased, her mood shifts quickly and she has trouble regulating her temperature.  One minutes she has a jacket on because she is freezing and 5 minutes later she is hot to the touch.  These are some of the indicators we have become aware of when she is cycling.  And if those things don't get our attention a day full of rages sure 'nough does!

I did not do a great job counting the hugs today but we got more than 6 in, she was not resistant to them and they were not stiff.

We had 20 minutes of reading time this evening with lots of animation and eye contact.  And we did some one on one time in the store today picking out clothes together.  She enjoyed that for about 10 minutes and then she was ready to go find the rest of the group.

The boys were all over me all day as usual so there is no challenge in cuddling them.

Big Sis is awesome and she and I are getting ready to have our time together right now.  She is a hugger and so there is no challenge with her either.

Miss M is ready to get to camp tomorrow for swimming fun day!


GB's Mom said...

Sounds like a good day :)

The LaBelle Family said...

Wow! That's all I can say. I don't know how you do it, keeping up with all the hugs, games, feedings, bathing, studying, etc., with FOUR youngin's that are so different, yet all require so much attention. It's a good thing you're young and have lots of energy. I can barely keep up with my TWO! Anyway, keep up the good work, lady. Oh, and take a break once in a while. You deserve it, big time! :)