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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The challenge

Well we have been seriously lacking for the past two days challenge wise, we will get back on track tomorrow.

All has been going well though so I am happy to report that.

The Fabulous Miss M pulled a minor fast one on the campers. It is such a nothing story really but other RAD parents will hear the ring of torture held within it.

Yesterday when Miss came home from camp she made this big ta-do over "where is my bathing suit from camp today?" We didn't know and we didn't see where it was a big deal, it'll show up was the thought. Or not, whichever.

But she went on and on about it, Lil Bro was finally like I'll find it. The Mama was NOT going to get sucked in to looking for it because I have learned that with all this ta-do something is up. Not playing, thanks anyway.

She finally let it go. When she arrived at camp today Nan asked the campers if they had seen it? They described it perfectly and then said, "We asked her about this yesterday. We asked everyone about it. We held it up in front of her and she said that it wasn't hers." Then they looked at M and said, "Why did you do that?" Come on RAD parents you know the answer, say it with me now "I don't know."

Nan was awesome and said, "Great! Thanks for finding this for us so that M can wear it Thursday to swim time."

The real deal is that Miss wants a 2 piece bathing suit and we said no. Other kids have one so she wants one too. I understand and sympathize really I do. I was a kid once and wanted what others had. But 2 piece bathing suits have a tendency not to stay where they should accidentally on purpose like. So yeah they are out.

Tomorrow is swim time at camp and I can't wait to see how it goes.

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GB's Mom said...

One piece it is LOL