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Thursday, July 29, 2010



Not happy news by any means. 

I was on a flight in 2003 from Atlanta to New York and the flight was on the runway for several hours.  It was during the black outs in NY and that was the reason for the delay.  It was August and an airplane sitting for several hours with the AC trying to keep up produced a lot of condensation.  It was dripping on some people and one young woman in her 20's was using an airline blanket that she had to keep the condensation off of her.  A flight attendant told her that she needed the blanket, it was for someone in first class.  The spunky young woman did not want to give up her blanket easily and understandably so. 

The girl never cursed at the flight attendant but the attendant yelled at her and claimed that she had cursed at her and that she would be having her arrested when we landed in NY.  At that point the head flight attendant joined the commotion and excused the riled up flight attendant and some what apologized to the young woman.

After 9-11 flight attendants needed to be given more authority to deal with what might come their way.  Clearly the power had gone to this attendants head.

BTW I was on this flight on my way to meet Mr. Man in Russia!  He was a tiny little cutie pie!

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Mothering4Money said...

My daughter was born that day, August 14th, the day you were on your way to meet Mr Man.

The link you posted makes me furious at the airline. Really, at all involved in the decision making because it sounds like the boy was fully restrained.