The Crew - Miss Fabulous, Lil Bro, Big Sis and Mr. Man

Saturday, July 31, 2010

Keep Moving Forward

I read this post and thought of my own beautiful boys.  This summer has gone really well overall, better than the summers have been in years.  Everyone is more stable than they have been in years.

The boys have become even more closely bonded.  They say things like "we're the brothers!"  I have been encouraging them how special their relationship is, not everyone gets a brother and it was important to Dad and I that they have each other.  Mr. Man has taken this information to heart and when the two are playing together says things like, "Are we 100% brothers or what!?"

The pool has been sick with yellow algae and so for the past few days they have not been able to get in and play.  Thankfully the pool should be back to swimable today or tomorrow.  In the mean time I have been letting the kids play with the hose on the patio.  They have used buckets sponges and soapy bubbles and it has been precious to watch.

Lil Bro has had fun watching the buckets fill with water and watching the ripples the running water makes in the bucket full of water.  Toy alligators have gone for a swim, sometimes in the dog dish which is yuck but we have lots of soap involved so it all works out.  It is awesome to watch his imagination at work and to know that he does not have the struggles that Miss Fabulous and Mr. Man have had to and continue to overcome.

Having a little brother that has such an imagination has been so beneficial to Mr. Man and his gains socially.  Brothers rock!

Miss Fabulous is doing well at the moment.  She feels real pride in applying herself and making improvement in her school work.  I hope that this will carry over into the school year when it begins in a few weeks.

Sometimes Miss makes some funny observations.  The way that she chooses to phrase things can be entertaining.  For instance we were browsing channels and there was an advertisement for a program with a cesarean section on TV.  Miss Fabulous looked at the TV and said, "Hey look they are letting that baby out of there."  The Hubs said to me quietly, "Yeah they are letting him out of the clink."  It was a hilariously precious moment with a healing kid just being a 7 year old kid and not being hyper vigilant and on guard but just living the moment.

Have you seen the movie The Robinson's?  Mr. Man loves that movie and when he first saw it he said, "That's just like me and you isn't it Mom?"  At that time he still struggled a lot socially and it was a surprising observation from him.  Tears came to my eyes and I will never forget it.

The message in the movie is "keep moving forward."  And that's just what we are doing.  Thank you all for joining us along the way.


marythemom said...

Oooh! Meet the Robinsons is one of my fav adoption movies. My teens will even watch it occasionally.

Mary in TX

anymommy said...

I'm so glad for the bonding that is happening in your home. Sometimes, you have to stop and remember how far you've come. Thank you for the link - We had a pink cake and I'm feeling much less weepy.

J. said...

brothers can be best friends and worst enemies but the best friends option is so much easier.