The Crew - Miss Fabulous, Lil Bro, Big Sis and Mr. Man

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

I'm Trying ...

to keep perspective. 

I have been absent from the bloggy world for a few weeks because we have been busy busy busy with
  • kids going back to school
  • Lil Bro beginning school
  • Big Sis beginning her education at home
  • doctor appointments
  • family visiting from out of state
  • Mommy being sick
  • ect.
It seems that we are settling in to these changes and getting it together a bit more.

Big Sis and I both love love love her on line virtual public school.  The curriculum is through K12 and so far I am really thrilled with it and so is Big Sis.

Lil Bro has been adjusting to heading off to pre-k and accepting that Mommy leaves and comes back.  He seems to have wrapped his teachers right around his little finger so I guess that is going well.

Lil Bro had a speech evaluation through the public school system and we were surprised to hear that his speech is acceptable for his age however he has a mild language delay.  It is really mild as in he scored 26 and if he scored 27 he would not be considered to have a delay.  He struggled with questions, who type questions in particular.  That was surprising to us as we had not noticed it but it seems that we probably instinctively reword things until he does understand.  At any rate I am sure we will have that all fixed up in no time.

There is the name of a fruit in Lil Bro's school, let's say it's banana (it isn't but let's say that).  He was none too happy about going off to "banana school" and requested "oh please don't send me back to that banana school, they got bugs!"  He also explained that the circle time carpet "makes me cry!"  "Oh please don't leave me on that circle carpet, it always make me cry!"  Circle time carpet is when the Mom's have to go.

Although he is not happy with Mom leaving he has come to accept it and there are no more tears or complaints about banana school.

Mr. Man and Miss Fabulous are adjusting to life as second graders.  Mr. Man is having a great year so far and has a wonderful teacher (we picked her).

Miss is up to her shenanigans.  She has replaced rage outburst with things like smearing poop all over her rear end and the toilet seat when Mom said she could not go in the pool yet because it was not pool time yet.  She is faking illness at school and it would seem running around in the hallway with her classmate.  Why do I conclude this?  Her classroom is 10 feet from the clinic and she took 5 minutes to get there.  Why was she there?  She pulled her loose tooth out and swallowed it and claimed it was wedged in her throat.  She was apparently so convincing that the nurse didn't know what was up or down and called me to see how I wanted to handle the alleged tooth in throat.

I asked was Miss coughing or seeming to choke on anything?  No. 
Did she speak funny like she had irritation in her throat?  No. 

The nurse actually said that there was no way to know for sure with out an x-ray.  That poor woman was so bamboozled that she actually considered an x-ray for a teeny tiny baby tooth that all medical evidence showed was NOT in the child's throat.

What was going on however is that Miss had a substitute teacher that day who does not fall for her stuff and so she was ready to go home for the day.  The nurse kept Miss in the clinic for 35 minutes for this non-sense and gave her 2 cookies.  I don't know but I don't think giving crunchy cookies to a person who may need an x-ray for a tooth stuck in their throat is a wise course of action.

I explained to the nurse when she called me that Miss had a behavior history and being that she had a substitute teacher that she did not like I felt pretty confident that she simply wanted to go home.  The nurse clearly thought I was heartless and handled the situation by giving Miss cookies.

I bet you will never guess where Miss headed the next day for "chocking on a grape"?  Yep she headed to the clinic the next day as well.  The nurse seemed to have a better clue by day two.  She kept her for 3 minutes in the clinic, did not call Mom and did not pass out cookies.

We have had a billion and two other shenanigans but I'll spare you.  I will say that Miss is on Mama's 3rd last nerve and jumping!  She has moved right past plucking and is jumping on my last nerve.  I am however doing a bang up job not letting her see that.

I am trying to keep perspective and see the improvement that we have.  Family life is more manageable than it was in times past.  She is not raging 2 and 3 times a day.  In fact her rages are few and far between.  But I have to say I do get tired of the shenanigans!

I am trying to go through and read blog post and see how others are holding up.


Essie the Accidental Mommy said...

Ohhhh, Miss M has got it going on! At Genea's school the nurse gave her a bunch of crackers when Genea appeared with a tummy ache. Right. Next week, there is Genea sporting a tummy ache looking for her crackers. Sigh. But cookies???? Seriously?? I mean, what was that nurse thinking? Especially for a child with a tooth wedged in her esophagus!!!

J. said...

oh my, the games our children play. I am glad to see that you are alright though, just last night I was wondering about you and the quiet of your blog, glad it is just a busy life that is getting in the way.

Tara - SanitySrchr said...

Kee-heet..."Banana" School! I absolutely LOVE IT!

Glad you're back. I'm back too (after *ahem, several days).

Miss M - the "Frequent Flyer" :) Mine have all come to the conclsion that I'm a cast iron [insert appropriate word here] because if you don't have a fever, broken bone (with evidence), blood spewing from your ears, or vomitting you're taking your happy tail back to class. But I'm mean like that.

Mom 4 Kids said...

Thanks for the comments everyone! You Mamas get it! :0)

Jay_Lee said...

Oh Awesome!! I love the things that they try to pull on us.

Spawn went back to school this week too, She wound up with Nurse D calling me telling me she was having blurry vision...They were doing Math in class at that time so I guess she was doing anything to get out of it. Go Fig...So Spawn got to "lay down in the nurse's office with a cool cloth on her head." Funny she had no problem reading her book while she was laying down...