The Crew - Miss Fabulous, Lil Bro, Big Sis and Mr. Man

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Sliding Into September With A Crash (updated)

Given the goings on of the last few weeks with Miss we pretty much figured we were headed toward September Slides as usual.  September and March are not our best months, which I came to learn is not uncommon for those battling bipolar disorder.  The moods they are a swingin'.

Miss Fabulous had a yuck-o rage Saturday.  We knew she was off and we did what we could to help her through the day.  We kept her busy.  But as the afternoon arrived she wanted to go in the pool and I had to say no because the pool is yucky at the moment and we are working on it with chemicals, STRIKE ONE.  Moments later she and Big Sis headed off to play ponies.  They had all afternoon together and Mr. wanted to join the game and it was time to let him join because they had already had plenty of time with out him, STRIKE TWO.  Not long after I realized that one kid had not brushed their teeth and direct that child to brush.  Then I realized that likely no kids had brushed their teeth.  I took an accounting and sure enough everyone needed to brush, STRIKE THREE.  Miss no likey that directive!  She did not rage at this point but decided that she would not floss and use rinse as her way to control the situation.  I knew it but I wasn't going to address it I was just going to make sure that she flossed and rinsed at bedtime and if she raged then, so be it.  But you got to love siblings because they were not going to let this go and they called her out on it and instead of her giving me a moment to explain that it would be fine for her to floss and rinse next time, STRIKE FOUR and there she blows!

This time it was, "I hate you big Mommy!"  It was with such hatred that she screamed those words but I still preferred that to "You aren't my real Mom!"  I am guessing that birth mom is little Mommy?  I dunno.

Any who the whole scene was ugly and Dad did a great job handling it.  I loaded Nan and the other kids up and took them out of the house for ice cream.  The whole thing terrifies Mr. Man, in the past he was a main target for physical abuse.  Lil Bro takes it all in and then uses those learned skills when he is angry about something, that's no good.  And it is disruptive to everyone so the few times Miss has raged I have removed the others from the house.

At any rate I think September will be memorable.

P.S. I forgot to mention that after the information we have received via the psychological evaluation that was done for Miss we see the need for her to follow through.  A big part of the rage yesterday was because she did not want to include Mr. in playtime.  So after we got back home from our ice cream outing and she was all calmed down from her rage Mom announced that it was Mr. and Miss play date time.  Big Sis and Lil Bro were excused to go and watch a movie in another room and Mr. and Miss got to choose what they wanted to play together.  At first Mr. was not cooperating either because he had moved on to something else, too bad so sad.  That Mama says it is time to have fun so lets get to it.  After about 15 minutes I announced that they had done a great job with the play date and that I was really proud.  They asked to keep playing together, progress!  I reminded them that it is really special that they are the same age and that they are both second graders.  They have a lot in common and they should be really good friends.  Blank faces that seemed to be hearing wank wank wanka coming out of my mouth but at any rate it was still progress!


GB's Mom said...

I hate the beginning of school! It sounds like miss had a good summer. I think you were right to require them to finish playing. I am going to steal that idea from you :)

Tara - SanitySrchr said...

The Sept Slides, huh? I hadn't heard that before. That surely explains a lot that's been going on in our house.