The Crew - Miss Fabulous, Lil Bro, Big Sis and Mr. Man

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Traveling with a paper cup

On the heels of the BIG tantrum (thank you all for the feed back by the way) I decided to take the crew on a road trip to Virginia.  We are currently in a hotel in South Carolina and so far so good.  Other than the 4 year old member of the crew wetting his pants twice today despite frequent potty stops, some of which did involve emergency pull overs with a paper cup for a potty.  Boys are convenient that way.

We left at 9 am and arrived to the hotel at 5pm.  We immediately jumped into the hotel pool and got our energy out.  We then went to eat dinner and the crew is currently laying down in the hopes that they will go to sleep.

Miss Fabulous is at home with Dad as her last week of camp should be a rip roaring good time with a big party on Friday and Daddy could not join us on this trip.  But we are bringing our cousins in VA back to FL with us so a good time shall be had by all.

As I am typing the littlest loo-loo crew member is in sleepy land.  The medium size loo-loo crew member is going to join him quickly from the looks of things.

The Hubs got to register the kids for school today for the first time ever.  We found out their teacher assignments and Mr. Man was placed with the teacher we requested, which is great!  She is a teacher that Big Sis had at one time and she knows Mr. Man but more important he knows her which makes him more comfortable right off the bat.

I submitted the evaluation that was done on Miss Fabulous to the principal and requested that she place her with a teacher that would be a good match given her needs identified in the report.  I said more than that but you get the idea.  We do not know the teacher that she has been placed with but we are hopeful that this will be a good year for Miss to grow and blossom as a student.

Big Sis begins virtual school on the 9th as well.  We have already had the chance to meet with her teacher and we are loving the curriculum that is offered through the virtual school.  They use the K12 curriculum and Big Sis was placed in the advanced courses so she and I will be busy. 

Well here we go, on the road again!


The LaBelle Family said...

Does Lil Bro have these issues, with going so often, all the time? Or, is this a rare day?

Mama Drama Times Two said...

Good news on the teacher match-up. That can be so stressful. Hope your vacation is restful, relaxing and ...dry.