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Friday, September 17, 2010

It's Like Pulling Teeth

Or at least having a crown put on one.  This week Lil Bro had to have a crown put on a baby tooth.  I was relieved to hear that this tooth was a product of poor formation in the womb and not poor dental habits at my house.  All his other teeth were just fine.  Now he has a yucky silver tooth in the back of his mouth and I have to say how cool it is and what a great job he did.  The truth?

I hate that darn thing and I hate that when a person sees metal in a 4 year old's mouth we naturally think "poor dental care" which is a form of "poor care".  But I'll just have to get over that one.

The truth is that Lil Bro did not do well at all but if the meds they gave him did their job he has no memory of it.  The drug combo that they give him makes him "drunk".  We now know that he is a mean drunk and so we hope he never takes up that habit.  In fact he was very much like Miss Fabulous when she is not stable on her bipolar meds.  It reminded me how much of what she deals with is chemical in nature. 

Miss is doing well at school although she hates the way her new class runs.  There is a lot of independent work because the teacher is handling both 2nd and 3rd grade classes.  Miss does not like independent work but she is handling it just fine.  Her work looks better than ever.  Her teacher "loves having her in class" her behavior is classified as roll model.  She comes home and rages over homework and bathtime.

We are working with her behavior therapist in helping Miss to connect the two worlds.  If you can be a roll model at school you can certainly keep yourself from raging at home.

It is very much like the guy who is charming and well liked at the office but comes home and beats the snot out of his wife for burning the potatoes.  Not good. 

So we are working on it and yeah it's a little like pulling teeth or at least dealing with a drunk 4 year old who is having a crown put on.


GB's Mom said...

It is a long battle :(

Jeri said...

Sorry that Miss is giving you the highest compliment.....I know you love me unconditionally so I will share all my pent up fear from the day with you.

The "mean drunk" is so like my Hannah. When she was five we had to take her to a pediatric dentist as she would clamp her mouth shut for all regular ones. The bubble gum laughing gas with the goggle movie player did not work. So we went with Verse.D "I want some Pockey Pollets! I want some Pockey Pollets!" she sobbed. (A girl had been playing with her Polly Pockets in the waiting room.) She was such an angry drunk and sobbing out of control that they still couldn't do anything. It took two more years. Oy