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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Open House

Because life likes to be funny, odd that is not ha ha, Miss Fabulous' teacher was moved to another school and Miss has been moved into a class that is a mix of both second and third grade students.  The principal could have moved her to any second grade class but she choose to place her in this class. 

My first reaction was that of a deer in headlights about to be splattered.  But then I reflected on the fact that the principal had information in hand about Miss and her needs and so maybe there is a method to her madness.  This class seems to primarily be made up of more advanced students, bright quick learners with good reading skills.  Things that make you go hummmm?  Since Miss has an IEP and is already being placed into extra resource opportunities it could seem as if something were a miss. 

However, statistically the kids who fit the above description are well behaved.  Let me just say the crowd that Miss has been running with since Kindergarten, those who need more help with reading and basic learning skills, are more often than not described as a "hand full".  So maybe there is a method to the madness indeed.

The school had open house Tuesday night and The Hubs and I like the new Mrs. Teacher.  I sent her the customary e-mail giving her a little heads up on my Miss Fabulous and was hopeful that she already had the heads up from the principal.  Reading between the lines of what was said and what was not said I believe that she did already have the heads up. 

She explained that Miss had been very helpful to a new student that day and that she seemed sweet with the student and so forth.  She was clearly impressed but cautiously so.  I looked her dead in the eyes and smiled and said, "She certainly can be but it is best to remember that she is a complicated little person and there is more to the story than that."  She responded, "Absolutely and thank you so much for the e-mail with the back ground information, that is really good to know."  In the past what we have heard from other teachers is, "Oh I think we will do just fine, she won't have any problems in my class."  So at least at the start we are remaining positive that this situation has the potential to be a good fit for Miss.

Despite her rage on Saturday all in all she seems to be making good effort to handle the change that has come her way.  She is putting on a good face and continues to say that things are fine and that she likes the new teacher.  I know the reality is that this has rocked her at her very core.  Mrs. Teacher #1 has left her and so she feels abandoned.  She has lost students from her class that she did not want to lose and perhaps gained people she is not interested in gaining.  Her recess time is different and so she no longer sees her brother and her friends that she has been seeing at recess since Kindergarten her class now goes with the third grade students.  These changes would be difficult for a typical child who has not experienced trauma.  She really is doing well with what she has going on, at least for now.



Essie the Accidental Mommy said...

very cautiously very quietly *woo hoo* to the good start

The LaBelle Family said...

Aww...fantastic! Hope the progress continues to go in that direction for the sake of all of you! :)

GB's Mom said...

A day to enjoy! I hope Miss continues learning to cope :)

marythemom said...

I finally got my letter of introduction out today (school started 1 1/2 weeks ago). I hope all our kids continue to adjust as well as they appear to be so far.

Hugs and prayers,
Mary in TX