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Sunday, October 3, 2010

Dr. Psychiatrist Appointment

The appointment went well.  For two years Miss Fabulous basically had volunteer mute ism with the doctor.  Now she is comfortable to talk with him and play in the room with her siblings with out giving much attention to him or what we are talking about.  Progress.

I typed up a document telling what I had observed in the classroom.  Dr. felt that we had handled the situation very well and to leave it at that.  It needed to be addressed, it was a addressed with clear limits set, and let's not feed more attention into it than we have to.

In terms of bringing it to the schools attention Dr. felt that we should not.  If they ever bring it to our attention we have a record made of the issue with her psychiatrist and her behavior therapist and since this has been an on going issue since she came home to us 5 years ago there is an on going record of the behavior.

Behavior therapist asked about counseling and Dr. Psychiatrist does not feel it is necessary at this time.  He feels that she is getting appropriate help at home and making outstanding progress.  She is bipolar and some of these behaviors are simply going to be a problem for her at various times in her cycling and as she matures she needs to learn best how to handle the behaviors, we are appropriately guiding her in that way.

Dr. Psychiatrist nudged up her meds by a quarter ml.  She had grown and inch and a half and gained 4 pounds since the last time her meds were nudged up.

Miss had a big ugly rage Saturday over seemingly nothing.  She did not get to go to the dog park with everyone else because of it and she earned staying at home and helping to clean the patio to do something nice for the family that she mistreated.  She did very well the rest of the day.


GB's Mom said...

What a great shrink visit. I am glad she is doing so well:)

The LaBelle Family said...

Mahvelous, Momma! Keep it up! Great to see and hear about progress being made. It almost makes it worthwhile, doesn't it? :)

Tara - SanitySrchr said...

Progress is great. Rage, not so much. There's something in our weather 'cause we're having issues too. :(