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Thursday, September 30, 2010


Just blogging in here.  Things have been up and down lately.  September is not an easy month for Miss Fabulous and never has been.  We actually took custody of her in the month of September (5 years ago) and I saw behavior from her that I had not observed before that time (during other visits) including a weird unprovoked tantrum.  The first of many.

We have an appointment with Dr. Psychiatrist tomorrow and I will be discussing with him behavior that I observed Miss engaged in in the classroom.  It was not appropriate and yet the teacher and students were not aware of what was going on.  When she came home that day I told her I had passed by her classroom while I was there doing some volunteer work for another teacher.  I said that I had seen her doing something that was not okay to do at school and I asked her what that behavior was.  She told me exactly what I had seen and more, not good.

I have already discussed the situation with the behavior therapist and got his input on it.  Tomorrow we will talk to Dr. Psychiatrist and see what he advises.  A parent never gets used to dealing with this stuff.

As I said to the behavior therapist my fear is that Miss is a loaded gun.  Her view point of right and wrong is  'what are the odds of getting caught'.  He agreed.

If you have any thoughts or suggestions bring it on!  Thanks in advance!

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The LaBelle Family said...

Parenthood--the toughest job you'll ever love. It's not an easy job. In many ways it's a thankless job. Just keep on praying and following the best advice you've found and keep on with the therapies available. In time, perhaps, by some miracle, she will see the light. Where there's life, there's hope. Hang in there, girlfriend. This is a roller coaster ride that has just begun. I'll keep you in my prayers. :)