The Crew - Miss Fabulous, Lil Bro, Big Sis and Mr. Man

Friday, December 10, 2010


Things have been busy for sure so I have been neglectful on the bloggy front.

Thanks to those who have inquired on how we are here in Loo Loo Land!

· We took a trip to visit family up north in November. The kids traveled well, which is always a plus! Miss Fabulous had a visit with Grandma and Paw Paw while we were away since the Dad was staying behind to finish some work on the floors here at the Loo Loo Ranch. Miss enjoyed time as the only child and swimming in the hot tub!

· The school seems to be getting a clearer picture of Mr. Man and Miss Fabulous and seem to be meeting their needs well this year. After Mr. yanked out clumps of his hair in frustration during a meltdown the school started making accommodations in handwriting and homework. I have been really impressed with this since he did not melt down at school but at home regarding school; they still saw it as significant. And that equals help!

· The speech teacher called me following some testing she had done with Miss. The testing was to get an overall view of Miss’ abilities academically. I went to the school for a meeting with her and she showed me the results of the testing, which were on the low side and therefore qualify Miss for continued help via her IEP. But she wanted me to see why Miss’ scores were low, because she clearly “was not feeling motivated to do her best.” For instance Miss correctly identified infantry as a vocabulary word but was not able to identify the colors red and yellow or apple. The only thing that surprised me is that my 7 year old knew what infantry was! Both the teacher the speech teacher and the IEP coordinator have indicated that they have Miss’ number and understand her lack of motivation at times. Rolled into that she has some areas, which are clearly not strengths for her such as word tenses, and she is getting help in those areas as well.

· We are still dealing with homework tantrums.

· Mr. Man was sick last week with an ear infection, sinus infection and viral tonsillitis. His temp was 103.2 with both Motrin and Tylenol. Poor guy!

· Miss still visits the school clinic when she is not happy about something in class. They usually send her packing with in 2 minutes once her temp is negative.

· Lil Bro is doing awesome in school and life in general.

· Big Sis is doing well too, we have had to revamp our at home schooling schedule. I guess it is typical to have adjustments when you begin schooling at home.

· On a sad note my kitty cat who is 17 years old and who I raised on a bottle because his Mom and litter mates all died, has bone cancer. The tumor is located on his rib cage and is aggressive. Right now he is comfortable and that is our goal but in the next few weeks that will likely change and we will need to make the humane choice on his behalf.

Keep on keepin’ on!


The LaBelle Family said...

Aawww...I'm sooo sorry about your kitty. It's horrible to lose a family member...especially one whose been with you for so long and sooo loved. Thankfully, you'll have the memories forever. I know, because I have some of those memories, too. :( Hang in there. So happy for the improvement at school this year! That really must help your state of mind.

jessica bear said...

I'm sorry about your kitty :(
Good to hear your updates...although I still don't know how you do it all!
Serena is super excited about seeing her bud soon :) I know they will have so much fun together-they always do, as if time hasn't us;)

Tara - SanitySrchr said...

As you can probably tell, I'm very, very far behind. I'm sure by now my words are mute, but I'm sorry about your kitty. :(