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Thursday, April 14, 2011

It Was A Nice Two Weeks ...

and now we are back to reality.  Miss is pushing every button that Mommy has and I am trying to hold it in with a smile.  So far I am doing okay but it is certainly stressful.

I was explaining to my oldest why little sister is on a program to earn a "bath pass" but she has to take a bath daily.  Mr. Man had voiced his unhappiness with the program as well.  And during my parental explanation I said, "Parenting is not a democracy, it is not always "fair" but it is always "right" because your Dad and I know best and have all of your best interest at heart."  My mother in law thought I should right that down.

I went on to explain to the oldest that she has a lot more privileges than her little sister because she proves with her behavior choices that she can handle those privileges.  That may not always look fair to someone else but as the parent I know that it is what is right for the children involved.  The conversation ended with her giving me a "okay" shoulder shrug and going off to get her bath so I count that as a successful conversation.

There was more on the lunch room chicken nugget status this week.  The nugget debris is still coming home in Miss' lunch bag.  I asked her what she had got from the lunch room and she said nothing.  I asked why there was nugget crumbs in her bag and she gave me the "I don't want to talk to you" shoulder shrug.  It is amazing how much can be communicated with the shoulder shrug.  Later I asked the question in a different way and got further.  I asked who gave her food in the lunch room and she said K did.  I asked why and she said "because I like them."  I asked what K ate and she said "nothing because she was not hungry."

That did not sound good to me.  We have one child eating two lunches and one child not eating any lunch.  I remembered that the exceptional education coordinator at the school who is also the IEP coordinator who gives us a fight in getting what we want and need, had mentioned that she monitored the lunch room when Miss was eating lunch.  She can be very difficult to deal with but she knows RAD and she knows that Miss has it and she has made that clear to me.  So in this case she seemed like the best choice.  I contacted her and let her know the situation and my concern that the other child was not eating lunch.  She assured me she would handle it and it seems that she did.  So far no more nugget debris and it would seem that everyone is eating their lunch.


GB's Mom said...

What they can come up with... at least you had a nice two week break!

deborah said...

Aaahhh...sweet success. You're a great Momma...don't let anyone tell you otherwise. :)

J. said...

We have a similar issues - Oh I how I wish I could be at the school all the time, it is so great that you have someone who gets it!

Tara - SanitySrchr said...

Ah, chicken nuggets. Why is that is every child's favorite lunch? I struggle to with lunch time affairs. One eats too much, one doesn't eat (by choice). I hope it gets better!