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Saturday, December 17, 2011

Country Livin'

We moved! Same area, different location. We are now out in the country. It is a nice location because it is about 2 and a ½ miles off of the main road but when you get back to the main road every convenience is available.

There has been good progress but of course there are still issues. We had to call the police on our 8-year-old daughter. It was time. It should have been done a long time ago. The previous rage outburst she had made it clear that her father was losing the battle to keep her and him safe. I felt confident that this was not a chemical issue at this point that she was in control and so I told her the next time I would call the police. There was a next time and so I did what I said.

It was an interesting experience. It made an impression on her and they made it clear the next time they would remove her from the home and either take her to the police station or the local mental health hospital.

We took steps here at home to further support the fact that we are not going to take it anymore. She has to earn back her toys. She has unlimited access to reading and writing or drawing and coloring. She has had to do lots of chores to help the family and it all seems to be making an impression on her.

Her little brother walked in the room and asked where her TV was. She did not give the old answers of “they took it” or “I don’t know”. She owned up to her behavior and explained that she lost it because of her big tantrum and that the police had to come and that she had to earn it back. So here’s hoping that we are on the right track.

The new home lay out is very good for everyone. There is a lot more space and everyone seems to be responding to that well. The house is on a bit of land and there is no traffic so there is more freedom for the kids to just go and play. So far they are loving it!

7 comments: said...

So glad to see you back, missed you! Glad to hear kids are doing better, sounds like things were pretty tough there for awhile said...

So glad to see you back, missed you! Glad to hear kids are doing better, sounds like things were pretty tough there for awhile

GB's Mom said...

Glad you are back. Good to hear of the move and the steps you are taking with Miss. {{{Hugs}}}

Mom of 'Two Princesses' said...

So glad to see you back online. Sounds like you made a great move. BTW...I made our blog private several months ago and if you wish to be a viewer, please email me at and I will be glad to sign you up!

Your sister in Washington state,
Renee Parkins
(previously, where the heart is)

beemommy said...

So glad to see you back amongst the bloggin'! Sorry that y'all had to take the police step but you are exactly right, if you say it, you've gotta do it. Glad to see she's progressing towards accepting responsibility.

deborah said...

Sooo nice to finally hear from you again! I've missed your blogging. Now, about this blog...sooo sooo sorry about the whole police episode, but, soooo happy to hear that it's made an impression! AND, I believe country living is THE biggest help of all in rearing children, even without all the issues. I so wish I lived in the country. There's nothing like having the freedom and the room to just go outside and play and use the imagination! It should work wonders. Keep bloggin'! Love it! ;)

marythemom said...

Welcome back and congratulations on the move! Calling the police for the first time is soo stressful, and I'm glad it worked out well for you!