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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Wednesday 10-22-08 morning

The morning went fairly well. Today is school picture day. All the kids looked really cute and M wore the outfit that V wore for her Kindergarten picture. A sentimental Mom moment. I gave C a hair cut last night so no more hair hanging on the ears.

V was moody this morning with sock issues. Could not find a pair that felt okay. Our sensitive child has always been over the top about socks, tags, itchy clothes, etc.

M's med change seems to be doing the trick, I hope. She was a little grouchy at first this morning but did really well holding it together. She is Nan's little buddy in the mornings as they are both early risers.

All and all a good morning for the school group.

E slept in a little this morning. He is working on potty training. He has all the steps down pat but still needs a little maturing to be consistent. By child # 4 I realize that pushing the issue makes a lot more work for me and they all get it eventually.

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jajbs said...

OMG, V sound like Jake. I caNOT tell you how many mornings we have that begin horribly because of the sock issue. And, I thought it was just my son.