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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Thursday 10-16-08

Wednesday: All and all went fairly well. M was more cooperative than not on most things. V and C both have attitude issues right now. V is slacking with home work responsibility. The old "yes I finished everything". Mom ask 3 times, "are you sure?" "Oh yes." The next morning in route to school however V remembers a 3 page home work assignment. So she will be walking all of recess today.

C had a extremely hard time going to bed last night. It was 10:30 pm before he finally fell asleep. He wanted to be drawing instead. Got very verbally abusive, which is happening more and more. After the fact he seems clueless as to what he said.

E was a 2 year old toot last night as well and did not want to go to sleep. We love him anyway! Dad and I get so little time together because on the evenings he does not work his second job things just seem to go this way. What is Trace Atkins says? "Your gonna miss this." Probably true in the long run.

Thursday: Started out okay and then wham-O, M lost it about doing hair. I tried to just move her through it and we got hair and teeth brushed but she was very angry and went stomping off to her room saying "I don't like it to get my hair brushed!" Which is GREAT! The more she can accomplish removing herself when she is angry the more likely she is to over come these issues. I have figured out that she wants me to come and check on her when she does this, so I did. I gave her the Mama Bear which is her comfort tool and makes womb noises and plays music. She went with that for a minute but then came out of her room screaming "I am NOT going to school!"

Dad took the other kids on to school with the plan to return for M. Let me summarize here - RAGE with the usual assaults to Mom. Psychiatrist called said do what I have to to keep her safe and myself safe, separate from her. 30 minutes later it was done, she started calming down, had some drink and wet wash clothe to cool down and then headed off to school.

NOTES: Because this is a journal for myself I am going to add something that Dad and I just talked about on the phone. About M's lack of ability to connect the dots, to compute information. She is very good at appearing to "get it" but in reality does not and that leads to frustration which she is comfortable to express to family in the form of ANGER.

An example is that we had talked to M all summer about the fact that she was going to be going to the school the other kids attend this year. No more pre-school. She was very excited about this, seemingly. But when the first day of school came she did not understand that she was going to school at the big kids school. She was visibly upset and said "No I go to pre-school with Miss Teacher." All this time she seemed to process the info. she was able to go through the motions of excitement with us and understanding but in reality she did not understand. I think this happens much more than we pick up on and it leads to her state of frustration.

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jessica bear said...

Dawn, You don't know how inspiring you and Jeremy are...You guys are awesome parents, and you are not alone in your struggles, trust me! We are going through the same thing with homework with Serena...we've actually been going to a therapist for her. She is going to get tested because I fear she may either have ADHD or depression or may be bipolar. She is really stuggling with her emotions and I don't think it's just age...I feel so bad for her, she's such a sweet kid and she's always wanting to be "perfect", but when she isn't or can't be the best at something, she gets so incredibly frustrated with herself. Anyway, I have been wanting to call you - I may do it this weekend sometime. Miss you! Love, Jess