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Monday, November 3, 2008

Monday 11-3-08

The Weekend: Went well over all. NO RAGE!!! M was definitely showing more control over frustration and irritation. We kept the usual intervention in place of hitting it off at the pass, but normally that is hit or miss in terms of preventing a rage. Our hope is that the med regiment is helping. She is now taking a med that is used specifically for bipolar disorder. She had taken it a few months ago and we did not feel we saw any benefit. We started at a very low dose and so far so good. Her doctors hope is that she is bigger now and may better tolerate the med.

She is in a very down mood right now which is so sad to see. She is using better control and so I hope that the med will help her to level out. She has been in a mixed/mostly manic state for weeks now so this may just be the reaction she is having to the med putting a stop to that state.

C has had more episodes of acting out lately. When M is out of the house he is very relaxed and more well behaved. Once she enters the picture he starts acting up. We hope to here soon about the behavior analyst!

All the kids lost TV for the weekend. It makes an impression on them. Everyone was much better behaved this morning and got off to school early.

E is doing good and is sooooo 2. He wears these darn green goggles everywhere and says "ROAR I a dinosaur!" It was cute the first hundred times but I have to admit it is starting to lose it's charm. :-)

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