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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Wednesday 11-26-08

We met with the behavior analyst yesterday afternoon. He took down the whole history and we told him that M had made good progress in the last 3 weeks with Abilify. He was happy to hear that and said also that as is the nature of bipolar disorder that she will likely have a down cycle again. We are to call him when she rages and he will help. That's a relief!

She had been in a some what down mood in the morning but held it together. Our new friend/helper Mr. Oscar arrived just after M came home. She is always suspicious of new people when they come in. She did not like him being here and was insistent on being with in ear shot even though we obviously made attempts to move her on. Nan was finally able to get her to come into the kitchen and help with dinner. M had an upset while Oscar was there. She started to lose it outside. I was able to bring her in and she sat on my lap and started to calm down. The whole thing took only about 3 to 5 minutes. I told him with out the abilify forget it she would have headed to the point of no return.

She made it through the evening and did okay. She took a while to get to sleep because of the anxiety about Oscar being here. She wanted to know who he was, what he wanted, was he here for her. We said he was a friend and he was here for the whole family not just her and that everything was fine.

C got into some difficulty about a chair that spins. He was really tired and wanted to spin in the chair which Nan needed to use on the computer. I was able to talk him through it and sat down with a snack and a show and shortly after went to bed.

V did really good last night. She went to bed with out a fuss and had her reading time before that. No homework last night and the up coming break from school I think helped.

E was his usual toddler adorable self. I did manage to get a shirt on him before Oscar arrived and he had his Diego easy up on. I just explained to Oscar that E was potty training and just did not want to wear clothes these days so the shirt had been a challenge all by itself. We just weren't going to get pants on him. He said he had 3 kids and his youngest was potty training and doing the same thing, no clothes.

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