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Friday, November 7, 2008

Friday 11-7-08

Wednesday afternoon and evening was bad. M raged 2 separate times which took up most of the afternoon and evening. She was seem to be calming down and restart. I called the Psych. and he adjusted her med slightly increasing it. She did not rage Thursday and did well Friday morn.

Because of her struggles Wednesday Dad said he would get her after school and keep her with him for the afternoon. I packed a back pack of music CD and drawing stuff and books and a snack and she did very well.

V C and E and I went for a bike ride Thursday afternoon. That turned ugly. V had a mega melt down in the street. Can not catch a break! She got frustrated with her bike and took it out on me and C and behaved badly. She earned herself the job of weeding the flower bed in the back yard and no TV until it is completed. I told her she can get it done in 1 day or take 1 year that is all up to her, but no TV until the job is done. She was not happy but by bed time was back on speaking terms with me and apologized for her behavior. I talked with her again about all the stress we are under but that does not make it okay for her to use her hands for hurting and speech abusively at her family. She agreed.

We are going to try to start M in a after school program. She will get to play there and have time with other kids and then Dad or Nan will pick her up on their way home. The situation here has turned into a 2 adult job so we are trying to make that happen as much as is possible.

We have also had our local congregation elders help us set up respite on Saturdays starting this week. A family from our congregation will take M and spend time with her that day and it will allow us a day to focus on the other kids here.

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