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Friday, November 7, 2008

Friday Afternoon

Giving M the opportunity to have time away from the rest of the group in the afternoon seems to be helping her. It seems clear that the Abilify (new med) is working for her. She has not raged since the dose increase 2 days ago. I spoke with a friend today who's 18 year old son is now on Abilify and they also saw an immediate positive affect. When ever a med seems to help so quickly I get leery that it is just a coincident and not really the med at all. But this seems like the real deal.

M spent time with Dad at work and then Nan picked her up. She takes her meds while she is calm and out and about with Nan. She is able to play for a short period with the kids with out getting angry, dinner, bath and bed. It is obvious she is working hard but using control. Everyone has to earn TV privilege these days with no tantrums. Kids who have tantrums don't get to watch TV. It is looking to be a great motivator.

Mr. E is working on going to bed in his bed these days. Mom is standing firm and he is testing it. He came marching out of his room with a very determined face and crawled into Mom's lap demanding to be rocked. We rocked for a minute and then back to bed Mr. We are working on it.

M is getting to spend time with a family friend tomorrow. This is the beginning of our new respite schedule. She is going to go swimming with the friend. Her favorite activity, so no doubt she will have a blast. V asked if we could paint her room this weekend so that is going to be our project. Speaking of projects, it is that time of year again. Science Fair project is in the works. We are working with Monarch butterflies (caterpillars first). There are a bunch out there right now on our milk weed plants so it seemed like the thing to choose.

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jessica bear said...

So weird! Serena was at my work yesterday after school and she worked up a power point presentation on Monarch Butterflies for fun (OBX Bank is a division of Monarch Bank and the butterfly is our "symbol") I'll email it to you! :)