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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Wednesday 11-5-08

Tuesday Afternoon - M had a tantrum but it was not a rage. She did use her hands for hitting but I separated the other kids from her (put them out in the back yard to play). And she was not attacking me. She got angry because V got the mail first. They all take turns sort of but with out any real direction from me. That will need to change. It is who ever gets there first. M did not used to go get the mail at all, she showed no interest in it. Lately though she has joined the mix. She went on for about 15 minutes or so. I started making phone calls and she settled down and was able to join the others out side.

Then C decided to start acting up. He was angry at M for having a tantrum so he had one? I guess when you are 6 this is logic at work, I don't know. His tantrum was worse than hers. Lord knows this new med has got to be helping her, we are just seeing all kinds of control on her part that was not happening before. So if C can get it together we might be on to something.

I called C's pre-school teacher and asked if she would pull him from class today and have a chat with him. Some reminders about using STAR power at home (Stop, Take a breath, And, Relax). And to see if he will open up about being upset at home.

Wednesday Morning - Well the morning went off with out a hitch. M did beautiful. All the usual things clearly irritated her but she used control and did not blow up. V got up and got dressed and got with the program. They were at school early. And Nan reported a very nice car ride experience on the way to school. :-)

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