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Monday, November 3, 2008


I was in a store the other day with E. This old man came up to us and started saying "Ni hao" (nee-how). He was waving hello. He was not Chinese himself. My brain is going ni hao ni hao, where I have I heard that? Oh, the little cartoon girl, ni hao Kai-Lan. I was thinking this old man must be a fan of the show?

The gentleman says to me, "Does he know ni hao?" I said, "Do you mean the show?" Now he looks confused and says "what?" I say while nodding yes like okay we are on the same page I gotcha now, "the little show ni hao Kia- Lan?" Still looking confused he says, "ni hao means hello in Chinese. Does he (pointing to E) speak Chinese?" Now I am confused looking again and say, "no". He says "oh" and continues waving at E. E looks at me confused like why is this guy waving at me.

The guy checks out and then turns one last time and says (still waving) "zai jian", which I assume means good bye in Chinese. I guess this man must have thought E was Chinese. It was our funny for the day.

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