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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Tuesday 11-4-08

Monday Afternoon - M did very well, no rage and she was using good control over the issues that bother her. C has been really naughty, very defiant and having tantrums. V had a major outburst yesterday. We are going to have to meet with her doctor and ask for suggestions. I see clear signs of anxiety going on but what I am doing for her is not working, totally anyway. She wanted to ride her bike, which is fine, but homework first. She had in her mind that I said she could ride as soon as we got home from school. No. In the midst of her upset C put himself right in the mix and plopped down on her backpack. She went off on him, through a lunch box at me, grabbed my cell phone and ran out of the house!? Hello??? What happened to my near perfect child? The stress at home is so bad. I don't know but it seems like the second M starts improving the other kids start falling apart.

I spoke to M's psychiatrist about this very thing at our last appointment. His view point is when M begins to calm down they will all calm down. I was able to spend time with V when Nan came home. I spent time with her while she did her homework. She did not need help but I just hung out with her. That seemed to help her and she was in a much better frame of mind after that. She did ride her bike after her homework. She lost TV for a week (extended from 3 days) for the outburst.

Things are looking positive for M on this new med. I just pray that it continues.

Tuesday Morning - Nan had to go to work early this morning so Dad and I were on our own with the troops. Everyone had a great morning, they all got up nicely and did great! M was very pleasant until the other kids got up but she did not have any outburst. She was visibly grumpy but was using control. I hope they have a good day at school.

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