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Monday, November 24, 2008

Monday 11-24-08


This is a weekend for the record books. M did really good, no rage. It has been 3 weeks now with only 1 rage in that time period. That's a record. She is really enjoying the after care program at school.

I have been working with M and C now that she is stable. At least once a day I have them hug, look each other in the eye and say "I am glad you're my brother/sister", and then hug. They actually played together some this weekend. We make sure to stay on top of any frustrations that come up and redirect but the fact that M will allow us to redirect is amazing. She is like all of us in that she has good and bad days but her bad days are not so extreme right now. When I ask her "how are you doing?" I usually get a thumbs up instead of some kind of complaint or unhappiness. She is really proud of herself and so are we.

C is having some struggles but is improving. He is becoming aware of the fact that his behavior has not been okay. And he is really using his words to talk about stuff. Things are clicking for him.

V is at the moment struggling more than the rest. She is overwhelmed with the pressure of school. I think too her age is a factor. I remember hitting the age where my little brother was suddenly a big pain. There are times when everyone needs there own space and it can be hard to accomplish that in a large sibling group. I am hoping we are doing the right things to help her along and that she will progress through this phase of life with flying colors. Perhaps the upcoming winter break from school will help her too.

E is an adorable little stinker these days. Still striping. We switched to Pampers Easy Ups this weekend. They have Diego on them and he is crazy about Diego and the rescue pack which he calls "pack pack". When he pee pees in these pack pack disappears. At first this was an upset and an incentive to not pee in the Diego pants. Until he realized there was a whole package of the darn things. Oh well, he is working on it. I have yet to send anyone to kindergarten in pull ups so I am sure he will get there in time.

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