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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

day 4 back with magic med ...

Thumbs up! Miss M is back on track and doing well. Some morning gripes about hair brushing but she moved through it. Had a good day at school. Did well this evening at home. Dinner, bath, bed all fine fine fine.

I was making cookies for Carter's class because his teacher asked me to. She wanted a cookie. I explained why no. Offered alternative and life moved on. :-o

Oh magic med how could we have doubted you? You are here to stay!

I had a meeting today with Miss M's teacher regarding 1st grade. She is mildly concerned that Miss M may struggle at the beginning of the year in 1st grade. Miss M is on grade level according to teacher but just barely. There are some things that have always been present regarding Miss M's learning process. At this time they still are present and so by next year they may need to be addressed. She may need some extra help.

Also in the meeting teacher discussed that Miss M's rival/friend aka partner in crime and Miss M will NOT be in the same class again next year. She said, "Have you seen that movie Mean Girls?" I said I had not. She said, "Well Miss M and this other student are kind of like that movie. They team up and bully others." Hey! What happened to the "she is so perfect" reports we got in pre-K? Could it be that there are not so many distractions for the teacher as there were in Pre-K? Me think so.

In Pre-K there was a one way glass window so we could go and observe Miss M often and we did. She was a master at pinching or bullying another kid the second that teachers head turned. I was like an animal planet scene when the frogs tongue grabs the fly. Good-bye fly.

I mentioned what the CBA had said in terms of Miss M doing better in the school environment because there is always something coming next and for the most part not a lot of free play. She agreed with that based on what she sees from Miss M too.

I think we may be in for some trouble in future grades to come when school stops being singing happy fun all day and turns into zip the lip and get the work done.

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