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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

magic med continued ...

day 3 continued - :-) oh yeah! Miss M is getting it back together.

Today was our visit with the CBA. I let him know how the week had gone. I told him how discouraging it is to see her so happy at school and 24 hours later her father is having to restrain her to keep her safe. I stated that it felt like she was happy everywhere but here.

I really think that God directs others to give us information that we really need at a specific moment in time. This gentleman has a master degree in his field and has worked at several psychiatric facilities for children, is currently working with kids coming out of RTC and works for the school system with children who are behavior problems. So I realize that he has seen some stuff.

So it really helped me when he replied without a thought, "She is happy here. She definitely has problems here at times but she is happy here." He talked about how with children like Miss M who have this extreme attention seeking behavior and control issues school can be very comfortable for them. There is always something coming next during the school day and for the most part they know what is coming next. We know that Miss M tends to want a lot of interaction and direction. She tends to look lost and has trouble thinking of what she wants to do next. She likes to have choices presented to her and make a decision based on those choices. When her chemicals are not functioning properly there is almost no time to redirect her before she gets aggressive.

It was all very good to hear. It is hard to see the forest for all those darn trees down here some times.

She was really on her game tonight. She was pleasant and engaged with the CBA and myself. She let us know that she had a run in with another student today. She admitted that she messed up the other students drawing on purpose and that when the other student started yelling that student got into trouble and lost recess time. Miss M did not. She admitted that she liked the other kid getting into trouble.

The CBA talked with her about what could she do when she gets angry. It was really kind of funny. She was an open book tonight. Instead of stating what she could do she talked about what she does do. She said "well sometimes I yell mean stuff like SHUT UP STUPID and I HATE YOU. sometimes I hit other people when I am really mad and them my Dad has to hold me kind of hug me like this (Miss M gives a demonstration) to keep me safe." The CBA says, "Okay well we know what you do when you get mad but what can you do instead?" Miss M says, "I can read a book."

Oh yeah I can really see her deciding to read a book when she gets ticked off. Maybe knock us upside the head with said book is what she meant. But hearing this conversation that was going on in the living room while I cleaned up in the kitchen was just too good. Talk about entertaining!

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