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Saturday, June 20, 2009

Camp Mom - Week 3, The Boys Club

Big Sis Viv attended Zoo Camp and had a blast! She was there from 8 to 4pm each day so ...

This week at Camp Mom we:
went to the Library,
we attempted to go to the local pool (which was not open to free swim at that time),
Mom had a G I doc appointment (endoscope July 2 is planned),
Mr. Carter had rehab Monday and Thursday for his leg affected by mild CP,
the boys swam in the pool in the back yard,
lots of brother disputes,
we cleaned up a million and two times - to no avail,
Evan had a major embarrassing 3 year old tantrum at the rehab facility (it included kicking his feet on the floor and the whole bit),
and we ate lunch out a few times.

I guess that was about it.

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