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Friday, June 19, 2009

Miss M and the Amazing Day!

I just have to post about our Miss M having a bang up day. Were the planets aligned, chemicals dead on, God ordered a break for the loo-loo's? We have no idea but man oh man what a sweet pea she can be when it all goes right.

Mr. Carter was NOT having a good day. Had to put in a call to Dr. Psychiatrist who ordered an adjustment in med dose for our ever growing non-stop eater. So here's hoping. Between 4pm and 5pm Mr. Carter had made big sis Viv cry 3 times. This included Mom having to sew the head back on to Viv's foam lizard from camp, which she named Bob. After my surgery on Bob he is now known as Bob-enstein. Crisis avoided. This is the stuff that should be in the parent handbook!

There was a storm going on in the mind of Mr. Carter and things just were not lining up right. I called Nan and told her to report in on Miss M when she picked her up from camp and if all was well that she should take the girls out on a date and away from, well ... Mr. Carter. She called back saying that Miss M appeared to be having the day of her life and we were go for launch.

The three went to dinner and then to the park and to see the manatee in a local creek. The manatee were not there but a guy who was catching a baby alligator was. That provided lots of entertainment for the girls. The guy would catch the baby gator and then let it go. ***No harm has come to the alligator mentioned in this post.

Well, who knows what Saturday will bring but we enjoy happiness when it falls upon us!

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