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Saturday, November 14, 2009

Go Baby Go!

If I didn't call her Miss M on this blog I would call her Baby Flo Jo, which is what we call her in real life when she runs.  Look at that kid's stride.  She runs on the balls of her feet, leg extended in the back, body aligned, arms in the right place - this kid runs like the wind.  It is literally beautiful to watch.

She may struggle with other things in her life but I'd like to meet the kid that can out run her.  Go Baby Flo Jo go!

She also has learned to self-regulate beautifully.  More and more she is waiting instead of over reacting when things are not the way she'd prefer them.  She seems to be trusting in us more and more that we are there for her and that we will help her move forward. 

I hope that reading this can offer hope to a family that is still in the trenches battling for their own daily survival with a traumatized child.  There is hope, healing does happen. 

Sure life is still pretty darn tricky but we are getting there.  We are miles from where we were.  We are actually getting to witness her let go of the past and live in the present, to trust the love that surrounds her and to feel safe with in it.

You have come a long way baby!


Jeri said...

You go little Flo Jo!

Kristina P. said...

I definitely think you should get the Leopard print Snuggie!

I appreciate your blog. I am a social worker, used to work for DCFS, and work in a different case manager capacity now, but still work with adolescents with RAD and other diagnoses.

You are an angel!

Mom 4 Kids said...

How funny Kristina that I took my girls to 'mall crawl' this weekend and I was eyeing that very snuggie!

Thank you for the positive thoughts and encouraging words!

Jeri big hugs to you too!

jessica bear said...

Running is so freeing...I remember loving to run as a child (waaayyy too out of shape now!)'s probably very threapeutic for her - hope she continues to love to run!