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Thursday, November 12, 2009

It's Not the Stork

Okay so just last week I ordered this book "It's Not The Stork" by Robie Harris to help the first grade crew get a better handle on that whole situation.  We are reading more and more books on adoption and starting to put that together a little, Mr. C more so than Miss M.  When a person has trouble connecting all the dots and putting two and two together in life these topics take a little while to click.

Mr. C had pinned me down a few months ago about where do babies come from.  I give just enough info to the asker and follow their lead when I am asked such things.  Little Bobby asks, "Where did I come from?" we the parent give the whole story and all he wanted to know was did he come from Detroit like Johnny next door.

So I told him that there was a special place in the Mom's tummy where babies grow, the womb.  He quickly moved on to how in the world do they eat when they are in a tummy?  I explained that there is a special tub that comes from the Mom to the baby and that's how the baby gets food.  He said I was making that up.  I said nope it's true.  That was the end of that as he moved on to something else.

Spongebob helped me out with an episode that shows baby Spongebob in the Mom's tummy and dunt dunt dah he is getting to eat a crabby patty via the tub in the tummy.  Mr. C said, "Hey that's just like what you said."  Bingo dude.

We also have a Charlie Brown encyclopedia which shows how babies develop in the tummy.  Mr. C read that over a few times a few months ago and seemed to be satisfied.

Obviously I have been dragging my feet on ordering 'the book'.  Well it caught me tonight folks.  Oh yeah he wanted the whole story and he wasn't going to let me get by with anything less.

He wanted to know - logically, that if the babies are in the tummy "How do they get out of there?"  I did that whole let me buy a moment of time here *cough* and "what?"  He repeated the question.  So I put on my game face as if I had this all together for just such an occasion. 

I explained that I had just ordered a cool book about this very thing and that it should be here in no time and we will have a lot of fun reading all about it.  So he said, "No that's okay, you could just tell me yourself." 

Deer in headlights.

No Mommy would really rather wait until we can read the book together because I know the book will explain it so well.  He would not let me out of it that easily, "No you can tell me, I'm good at complicated."  So I either had to do the right thing or go get in line for my Bad Mom award. 

I asked if he understood that girl privates and boy privates are different?  He said yeah with squinting eyes like where is she going with this conversation?  I said, "Well girl privates are made in a special way so that when it is time for the baby to come out of the tummy it comes out that way."  He said, "You mean when it's time the baby just crawls out of there?"

Deer in headlights, again. 

Folks I had to explain to this 7 year old boy about contractions and how the Mom has to push the baby out.  I mean is he going to be a doctor or what?  He wanted the facts.  Then he wanted to know if it hurt.  To which I answered yes.  He then wanted to know if it hurt the baby, nope just the Mom.

Then he wanted to know where the Mom's go to get the babies out?  I explained that different Mom's go to different places to "get their babies out" but that a lot of Mom's go to the hospital. 

"Why?"  In case anything is wrong then there is a doctor to help the Mom and the baby.

"Where did you go?"  I went to the hospital when Big Sis needed to come out of my tummy.  You know that we talk about adoption right? 

"Yeah."  Well adoption means that a baby grew in a persons tummy called a birth mother.  You know that you and Miss M and Lil Bro grew in someone elses tummy, right? 

"Why did I have to grow in someone else's tummy?"  Because that's where you started at.

"Oh so you mean there is two Mom's, like in Russia."  Yes.  There is the birth Mom or the birth Giver and then there is your forever Mom, that's me.  You are my forever Mr. C and I am your forever Mom and we are the ones that have the same last name.

I said, "Do you feel okay about what we have talked about?"  He said, "Sure, it isn't private or anything."

I said, "That's right, it's just the facts.  Information."

From there he wanted to discuss names and wanted to know why his lovey Henry didn't have a middle name if we all had middle names, Henry being in the family and all.  I said, "Oh great let's pick a middle name for Henry right now."

Needless to say I will be getting a jump on reading 'the book' to Miss M as soon as it comes.  Because you know if Mr. C started with the "How do they get out of the tummy" question he is surely going to follow that in the near future with the "How do they get in there" question?


Essie the Accidental Mommy said...

Let us know if the book is good. I am going to have to be acquiring something soon and am just dreading it!
Sounds like you jumped on in and handled it all great and without losing consciousness- awesome!

PWNort64 said...

Thought you handled it well. We've danced around this topic several times...I agree, just answer the question that is less, no more.

jessica bear said...

Way to go, Dawn! Such a hard handled it beautifully!

Dad4Kids said...

Well done, Babe!

Dia por Dia said...

A few nights ago our two year old (having overheard the conversation with our 5 year old)went over to her big sister and said "I was in mom's tummy! I little little and I got big little and I crying... Waaaahhhh... I come out mom's tummy and I crying. Mom's tummy hurt. Did you hurt mommy tummy?" Guess she was paying attention! Can hardly wait for the next set of questions!

Mom 4 Kids said...

Wow Dia at 2?! You have to be on your toes!