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Thursday, November 5, 2009

I'll Cry If I Want To

Today Lil Bro and I met Dad for lunch.  I saw a family that I happen to know because their children go to school with my children.  One of their daughters has some special needs and was in Mr. C's pre-school class.  She was not able to be mainstreamed and is in the special education program at the school.  One of their older kids is in the same homeroom class as Big Sis.  They had 6 children the last that I knew of and today I saw them with their 7th, I'm guessing.  I love big families and this is not about big families.

They were meeting with another woman and they did not see me and so I did not see fit to interrupt their conversation.  The baby started crying.  First it was a little whimper kind of cry that turned into flat out baby rage I need some help here. 

When they left I mentioned to hubby, "Did you want to go over and pick that baby up?"  He said that he did.  I commented that it seemed as if everyone in the restaurant wanted to pick the baby up accept for the parents who never removed the baby from the bucket car seat.  In fact they took raging baby out to the car and put the bucket seat and baby into the car.

I am not a fan of letting babies cry.  Big Sis was not left to cry and Lil Bro was not left to cry.  Even though he was not with us from day one his foster family in Guatemala were phenomenal.  We remain in contact with them and other families they fostered for.  All of those children went on to attach to their adoptive parents and adjusted quickly and positively.  They were not left to cry. 

I could tell when I visited with Lil Bro during our process, I visited him at 5 months, 8 months, 10 months, 12 months and then our pick up trip was 14 months of age.  As a young infant he didn't even seem to feel the need to really cry.  He would kind of huh huh hey there come get me signal kind of a thing.  He never flat out whaled.  True he is a more easy going person than some, just by DNA.  But it was obvious that he was used to his needs getting met quickly and lovingly. 

Of all 4 kids Big Sis and Lil Bro are by far the most well adjusted, confident, happy, loving, snuggly people.  Lil Bro regularly says to me, "Gimmee a kiss a mooch a hug."  Big Sis is a hugger too, always has been.

I have no real point here other than it's my blog and I'll cry if I want to.  I say pick those babies up! 

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Jeri said...

Our daughter Hannah is a big time hugger...."I want a hug" is what comes out of her mouth daily, sometimes repeatedly. I like that she can verbalize her needs.

BTW, love, love, LOVE the header pic!