The Crew - Miss Fabulous, Lil Bro, Big Sis and Mr. Man

Monday, December 7, 2009

Day 3 on the RAD planet W.O.D. (without Dad)

I thought that was a pretty catchy title I came up with, just sayin.

Sooooooooooo the little people around here are not too happy that Dad is not here.  He is a major player in this craziness and the apple cart is upset without him.  Lil Bro is doing okay and seems kind of out of sight out of mind at that moment but Mr. C is still in butt mode (as in being one) and Big Sis is all emotional on me and missing Daddy. 

In regards to Miss M I have to admit that we are kind of fudging the situation a little.  It is possible that we have promoted the idea that Dad is near by.  I mean really how far is Hawaii if you're 6 and have comprehension issues?  Not that far.  We have talked on the phone to Dad so he must be pretty near by, right?  That's a logical conclusion when you are 6, right?

It just seems that Dad has become the stabilizing affect (in part) for Miss M.  She seems more at ease when he is here, more secure.  I don't really know the 'why' of it and frankly I. Do. Not. Care.  I am just thankful that we have some stabilization!

For dinner tonight we had left over pasta and meat sauce, sweet potato and green beans so we were back on track with nutrition.  The boys wanted to PB and J on whole wheat/whole grain bread with applesauce and green beans so I was okay with that.  My alternate choice if you don't want the dinner is PB and J.

On a school note there is this link about comprehension on Miss M's "inclusion" teacher's web site.  I though it was really good.  It so describes Miss M's comprehension problem.  She catches bits and pieces or parts of what is said to her but does not form a complete picture.  Sometimes she catches enough bits and or pieces to get by with the picture of comprehension.  Other times she is completely lost.  The same thing is happening as she is learning to read. 

At any rate Mrs. Teacher has caught on that we are parents that care and want to help our child succeed.  She sent a note home on some work today where she had helped Miss M re-work incorrect math problems. 

These first two are just wrong, not sure of the process used.  Just rushing?  Not paying attention to what she was doing?  Don't know.
10-2= she put 3
6-3= she put 7

The next 5 she got correct.
9-2= 7
10-3=7 (she had put 8 but corrected that on her own)

The last 7 were wrong.
9-3= she put 12
6-1= she put 7
8-2= she put 10
11-2= she put 12
9-1= she put 10
7-3= she put 10
8-3= she put 11

So I can see where she flipped into adding the problems but how come those 5 problems in the middle went well and they seem slightly more difficult to me?  Is this consistent with comprehension problems?  Attention problems?

Mrs. Teacher's note read, "I helped Miss M with the ones she missed.  She says she understands now."

Miss M got 6 out of the 11 spelling words on the spelling test that we worked on ALL week.
wip (whip)
liglin (light)
wond (world)
yuor (erased that) youor (your)
wale (whale)
She had again on there twice so I don't know if she omitted another word and the teacher did not catch it or what happened there.  There were 11 words this week and she has 11 words on her paper with the again in there twice.  At any rate a 55% on the spelling test is not helping her out any.

The report from Mr. Hawaii is that the surf is the biggest it has been since the 50's.  He ran across some professional surfer (who's name a forget) from Australia and they took a picture together.  He misses us all tons and his sleep schedule is all out of whack because of the time change.  Mahalo!


The LaBelle Family said...

Just wondering...why is DAD in Hawaii? Was he sent there on a work assignment or ???? When will DAD be home? Sounds like you're all handling the situation as well as can be expected...except for maybe that diet diversion you've been on, eh? LOL

Mom 4 Kids said...

Dad is having a father son trip with his Dad. His Dad picked Hawaii. We knew it was going to be a challenge with him being gone this amount of time (10 days), so far it has gone better than we feared it might. It shows that Miss M truly is healing and moving into a better place, I think.

Our dietary diversion has been a fun trip for sure! :-)

SanitySrchr said...

I'm pondering the situation you outlined with the school work. I've been in the exact same position, and still at times see the same patterns in my house. (And one of my kids is just plain "normal") The harder questions are right and the easy ones aren't. With Bam Bam, we REALLY struggled with this until the attention issues were addressed. We still experience it from time to time.