The Crew - Miss Fabulous, Lil Bro, Big Sis and Mr. Man

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Day 4 on the RAD planet W.O.D. (without Dad)

Well I must say my little RADish is holding her own and doing quiet well behavior wise. She seems to be going through a bit of a down cycle bipolar wise at the moment - eating more, more difficulty sleeping, more moody and tearful which are some key things we were able to pin point with all the tracking we did. She is handling it all well and right in the mix of missing Daddy. She was feeling sleepy because it was bath time and she no like a da bath. I assured her it would be a quick one and just kept her moving forward. I put the bubble bath under her grumpy nose and said, "Doesn't that smell good? Bubbles or no bubbles in the bath tub tonight?" It is kind of humorous to watch her try to hang on to being grumpy and fight the fact that her brain is truly interested in what you have presented to her - BUBBLES!

Dad called from Hawaii, you know that place that is just up the road where he seems to be getting a lot of work done. She got to talk with him for a minute and that helped her move forward too.

Mr. C however is still in I'll be a butt thank you mode. He was belligerent and defiant with Mr. CBA and it took Mr. CBA an hour and a half to get his brain turned around and going the right way. He threw things at this man and refused to cooperate. This guy is good. He is persistent and calm and they always get to where they need to be.

We know that Mr. C has a food dye allergy. The reaction is that he gets hostile and aggressive. Those darn things are really difficult to stay away from. Even though he makes a really good effort sometimes something slips by at school and he eats a piece of candy with dye in it. Yep, one piece and he reacts.

So last week he wanted to put on a Mario Brothers sticker tattoo. I was against it because it has the dye in it. He was upset and felt he never gets to do what the other kids do because of the dye thing. I felt bad for him and said we would try it but that if his behavior went bad then never again with the tattoos. Once those dyes are in his system it takes days to work it's way out. I forgot that he was even wearing the tattoo but now I am considering if the tattoo and the dyes have had anything to do with his behavior.

Lil Bro has been doing great the past few days which is nice. Apparently it must be a Murphy’s Law that at least one kid has to be in be a butt mode, remember that on our trip it was Lil Bro's turn and Mr. C was doing well.

Big Sis is doing well all in all. She is still emotional with Dad not being here but seemed more with it today. Her homework load this week has been light which helps too.

Dad is missing everyone and said he is ready to come home.  I said, "Now that's love!  Almost 16 years of marriage, you are in Hawii and after 4 days you want to come home?  Man you have got it bad!  Which is good!" 


Rose said...

It sounds like you are handling things pretty well on your own. But it always nice when your family wants to be home with you.

Mom 4 Kids said...

Thanks Rose!