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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

People of Wal-Mart

Since shopping for food with young children in tow can prove to be challenging I try to wait until after the youngest of our kids go to sleep and then I head out to the Super Wal-Mart. For one I hate the size of this store and trying to navigate my way around it and for two dodging the other shoppers who try to run me down with their over flowing cart. But add to that the nincompoops who want to shop with their toddlers at ten o'clock at night and it really is too much to handle.

So last night was no different. As soon as I enter the store and the produce section there is a late twenties couple with a toddler who is probably almost 3 and a baby who looks to be about 9 months old. Mom is laying someone low on the phone because really isn't the produce section the perfect place to do that? Dad is sporting a dirty mullet and a bad attitude.

(example photo)
I move on my merry way but come across them in the frozen food section later on. The toddler is beginning a melt down and the poor baby is so tired she can't stand it anymore and starts crying and waving her arms, obviously wanting to be picked up so she can go to sleep (likely). It is 10 pm so why aren’t she and brother at home asleep with Dad watching over the house while Mom does the shopping? Dad was doing a whole lot of nothing including refusing to pick up the tired baby as if she was to learn some lesson from this experience.

It takes a whole lot of restraint for me not to say, "Hey! Pick that baby up and give her a cuddle so she can go to sleep and why you are at it head to the car so that you can drive her home and put her to bed where she belongs Mr. Mullet sir!" I do use restraint and I don't say anything but I did nearly burn a hole through that Mullet with my glares of disapproval (okay so I was behind him and he never actually saw the glare but I knew I was glaring).

Where were all the older ladies who want to give me advise in the Wal-Mart about my kid/kids when I needed them?

Speaking of advise, when we took the walk the other day to calm down one of my neighbors was outside with his dog Susie the Poodle.  She is the cutest sweetest little thing and wiggles her way up to us for the kids to pet her.  She was a great diversion.  Her owner proceeded to reprimand us and advised we be careful not to let the kids in/near the street while walking.  I just smile and say thanks but I was thinking - one Mom, one Nan, and 4 kids walking down our neighborhood street = visibility from a far I believe.  And secondly these kids have some size on them by this point in time and we haven't lost one yet to a traffic situation.  But apparently I command advise just by my very presence.  Go figure.  It must be that look of confusion which I wear so well. 


The LaBelle Family said...

OH, Do I hear that! It seems like advice came out of the woodwork for me, for quite some time. Only lately has it subsided, to some degree. I don't miss it, believe me. Hang in there. In time, the kids will show what a good mommy they have. :)

Mom 4 Kids said...

Thanks! You're a sweet heart!

SanitySrchr said...

I hate Walmart to begin with, especially at that hour. Not only do you dodge everything you outlined, the "stockers" proceed to block every isle with the pallets 'o stuff. I can't stand to see situations like that!!!

Mom 4 Kids said...

SanitySrchr you are so right! I forgot to include those darn pallets and their stockers with the huffing at us shoppers! It is a toss up as to which I'd rather deal with honestly - the kids during the day or the people of Wal-Mart at night!