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Thursday, May 27, 2010

It Must Be The Peas...

Thank you for the reassuring comments regarding testing.  I agree that this teams being thorough is a very good thing.  We have an amazing psychiatrist and he is the one that sent us to this location for the testing so I will go in faith, just as so much has gone in a positive way in terms of getting help for Miss M we continue to be on that path.  Thank you again for the cyber hugs and support!

Summer is under way here in Sunny Florida.  The kids are out of school and Miss M is spending her days at day camp swimming and crafting and getting all that energy out.  She comes home and swims in the pool and eats dinner and cuddles and sleeps well.  Yeah summer!

Monday she fell off the bounce house slide at camp onto the rubber something or other.  It probably smarted for a moment but there was no bruise no mark nothing was twisted or broken it was just an everyday kind of ut-oh, right?  Oh no!  Miss Miss put on her best drama and had those poor folks at camp guessing all day.  They called and let us know what had happened and what they had done about it and I cringed because they had sooooooooooo fed the attention beast.  It all worked out not too bad.  She woke up at 10 pm with the fake-O drama in effect.  We checked her out again, still no sign of anything.  Got the pack of frozen peas on it and gave her a big dose of Motrin and called the on call doctor who told me to do what I had just done. 

The next day at camp was an outing to the public pool.  You would be amazed at the miracle a bag of frozen peas was able to work!  She popped out of bed and was ready to roll.  She said, "It must be the peas!" :-)

Wednesday Miss came home from camp with a scull and cross bone tattoo on her face.  I was not wild about that.  For one I don't think that a camp should put tattoos on a kids face because they don't come off easy and you can't cover them up on the face.  Honestly my little darlin picked that tattoo because she knew that Mom would not like it, right O!  Not a problem.  Mom made sure to let camp director know that Miss M is not to have any tattoos from now on, period.

Lil Bro was back at the pediatricians office today.  He is not really sick sick but he finished his antibiotic and he still has some cough and what not going on.  She said he also has an ear infection going on.  That kid never lets you know.  So poor guy had to get a shot in the butt and goes on another round of antibiotic.  Here's hoping that clears it up.

While we were there they gave the kids lolly pops because Lil Bro got a shot.  I let my Mr. have one.  It was just a tiny yellow lolly pop, what could it hurt?

The dark circles and the behavior started 20 minutes after he ate the darn thing!

Anyone that has a child with aggression and hyperactivity issues please explore food dye allergies.  We have determined that Mr. is allergic to yellow #5 and #6 and red dye #40, although we just aim to avoid them all.  Miss M is allergic/reactive to red dye #40 but she doesn't have a problem with the yellows or other colors.


GB's Mom said...

I have seen the dye problem with other kids. I knew peas where good for them, but had no idea they were that good! Do you have any problems with the other kids because Miss M gets to go to camp and they don't? The green eyed monster has been very active around here lately :)

Mom 4 Kids said...

Good question, the green eyed monster was present last year when we began the routine of Miss going to camp. This was especially true for Mr. This year however all has gone well. At this point they are still thrilled with the pool in the back yard and trips to the library. We shall see ...

Anonymous said...

How did you determine the dyes your kids are allergic to? Elimination / challenge, or a needle test or something else?

With P off dairy, the only sweets left for him have dyes. I see no behavior change w/ no dairy, so I'm about ready to add dairy and remove dyes!

Mom 4 Kids said...

STS, with both kids it was a accidental "hmm hey what the heck is going on?" kind of a finding. Mr. ate Life Cereal and with in 20 min. he was a loo loo boy. I didn't have any real knowledge of food dye issues but Life cereal has nothing else bad in it. The sugar content is good, etc. I started experimenting with foods that had those dyes in it (after googling the food dye) and voila. It is NOT by any means the only factor with either kid but it aggravates what they already have going on and they lose it badly.

With Miss she had been doing really well for a good period of time and then she started drinking my crystal light with Red dye #40. I thought low sugar so it would be okay, big NOT! Her aggression went way up, low frustration tolerance and when the rages reappeared she had my attention for sure. I was wondering what is going on and like a light bulb it hit me, red #40. Took it back out of the picture and she did well. She is no where near as sensitive as Mr. is, she is not a typical allergy kid and he is. Dunno. One piece of candy is not going to send her over the edge and with him it unfortunately will. But if she is drinking something with the dye in it we see the change within 20 to 30 minutes.

I may make this into a post. Thank you for stopping by, I always appreciate your thoughts on things!

Essie the Accidental Mommy said...

Goodness! Get that boy some magic peas! It looks like he has been in a fight, and lost!

Mom 4 Kids said...

You are right Essie, he was in a fight with a little yellow dumb dumb lolly pop and lost the battle! He is better today though. Why oh why didn't I think of the magic peas!